About us

Young Lancashire is a registered Charity, established in 1923, and a company limited by guarantee, governed by a Memorandum and Articles of Association, since 1986. 
Our Charitable Object is: To help young people, living in the county of Lancashire, through their leisure time activities (though not exclusively so) to develop their physical, mental and spiritual capacities so that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and as members of society and so that their conditions of life may be improved.

Vision, Mission and Strategic Priorities (2013 - 2018) as updated following the Trustee Away Day on Saturday 18 May 2013)
The purpose of Young Lancashire is:
To support and develop high quality voluntary work and informal educational opportunities for children, young people and family based organisation across Lancashire.
Young Lancashire’s Vision is:
Of a fair and open society in which all children, young people and family based organisations are supported to raise their aspirations, inspired to achieve their goals and make a positive contribution to their communities through their personal and social development. 
Young Lancashire’s Mission is:
To support and assist children, young people and family based organisations to achieve the highest standards of practice and effectiveness in their work by building their capacity to deliver quality services.
1.    To provide effective leadership for the voluntary youth sector, through partnership working, in tackling relevant issues and unmet needs.
2.    To provide a shared voice for the sector on issues related to children, young people and family based organisations in a diverse society, through a process of participation and inclusion.
3.    To cultivate an environment, which fosters the development of quality youth groups and services, and maintains recognised standards.
4.    To achieve improved outcomes for children, young people and family based organisations through effective partnership working (as part of an integrated service for children and young people) between the statutory and voluntary youth sectors. 
5.    To support the development of collaborative working, including implementing and operating consortium arrangements and commissioning frameworks.
6.    To develop and provide access to a quality range of support services and activities to youth organisations.
7.    To support the voluntary youth sector in achieving a variety of educational opportunities and recognised learning outcomes for young people, volunteers and staff.
  • Staff and volunteer development / training
  • Organisational development / transformation
  • Information and resources
  • Support to achieve quality standards
  • Consortia building
  • CRB checks
  • AQA Unit Awards
  • Access to a specialist youth organisation insurance policy
  • Networking opportunities
  • Representation
Our commitment to Equal Opportunities:
  • We are committed to a policy of Equal Opportunities and to working in a non-discriminatory manner, having particular regard for those young people who are excluded.


A member of UK Youth.

Supported by and working in partnership with; Lancashire County Council, Big Assist and One Lancashire.