Forging ahead in 2017

Young Lancashire is pleased to announce that following on from the review of its priorities in 2016, which are outlined in its Annual Report we have now started the process of transition to the new ways of working outlined in the report. One of the main changes has been to reconfigure the staffing structure within the Charity, resulting in the loss of the CEO role and the establishment of the post Youth Engagement & Development Manager. The main focus of this new role is:


·         To work with the Board of Trustees to monitor, review and evaluate the targets set out in the Business Plan and provide regular reports on results and progress to the Board of Trustees

·         To actively seek out funding opportunities for Young Lancashire

·         To take the lead in managing the delivery and evaluation of grant aided projects and programmes and, where appropriate, to take an active role in their delivery

·         To seek out and maintain positive relationships with local partners and member organisations and, where appropriate, to develop such relationships at a regional and national level

·         To maintain and up to date awareness of local and national issues involving youth engagement in order to seek and identify potential and actual areas of work which might be of interest to Young Lancashire.

One of the main changes arising from this is that Young Lancashire is no longer resourced to take a representational role on behalf of the sector. We are currently considering the effects of this and will be developing a transitional plan to ensure that any roles that continue to need representation are transferred where possible to others.



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