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Young Lancashire convenes a meeting of Lancashire’s Homeless Young People’s Charities and Mr Edwin Booth, Chairman of the Harris Charity; to create new and better ways at supporting young people to navigate the uncertain waters of ‘homelessness, training and employment’ while managing themselves through the turbulent years of adolescence, to calmer seas enabling safe passage to aspirant and fulfilling lives.

At a meeting today at Booths HQ in Preston, Leaders provided stories of the everyday lives of young homeless people in Lancashire today. Stories of hardship, loneliness, despondency, family breakdown, setbacks and loss; things no one, of any age would wish to go through.

Mr Booth, shared stories of his past, the founding of the Harris Charity, based in Preston, and of what he believed may be possible when folk were assisted to pull together, combine skills, and ideas to make strong the case for change in the system, to ensure these young people’s lives could be improved beyond measure.

It’s expected that having heard the story from the ‘front line’ the Trustees of the Harris Charity, will now set out a new vision to better support this often forgotten group of young people, within the powers and instruments available to the Charity.

As a result, it is hoped that a new chapter will emerge from the Harris Charity to create new beginnings for young Lancastrians, suffering hardship, but nevertheless, with the support of these local charity’s staff and volunteers, to gain the will to do better by themselves for their own and others good.

Graham Whalley

Youth Development & Engagement Manager