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The aim of this project was to support the personal development of social and human capital of young people within Lancashire’s schools, colleges, and clubs and youth organisations. The programme was created around four main enablers;

  • Social Engagement: encouraging young people to take part
  • Social Learning: teaching life skills in a fun and imaginative way
  • Social Action: using life skills to support the community
  • Social Leadership: applying the life skills to access training and employment

The focus was on young people becoming ‘hands on’ in the ‘real’ world through new experiences and networking opportunities.  In relation to the project ‘real’ world skills would be defined against a ‘virtual world, for example young people spending large quantities of time in their rooms on mobile phones or computers rather than interacting with people in physical scenarios. Young people said…

The general election wasn’t important. But this is important, this changes things.

I like the fun and entertaining stories.

Sorry to bother you but I wanted to give you some quick feedback on the session. It was really amazing and I thought the people running the session were so easy to talk to and that I am so happy that I went today.

Student Feedback

100% of participants felt that it was very likely they would use the information given within this session during every day life, in addition, 100% of participants rated the activities as Enjoyable or above.

100% of participants felt that the information in the session was new to them, that they had gained knowledge that will be useful to them and skills that will be useful to them.

Of the participants surveyed 100% of them said they enjoyed the session.