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How has the project supported the young person?

The sessions allowed the time and a safe environment for John to open up and talk to members of staff. We set John personal goals for him to try and work towards to keep him focused. We worked on his confidence during the R U Tough Enough sessions, as well as during other sessions he attends. John opened up to us about the stress he feels during school and how he doesn’t cope very well when put under pressure like exams and other tests during school. By being given the space and time to talk about these things and working on his self-esteem John has grown massively in confidence.

What kinds of skills have they developed whilst on the project?

During one of the sessions we did a speaking and listening activity that John really seemed to enjoy and by demonstrating good and bad communication skills we worked out a way John could communicate with others more effectively. We also did a lot of work on self-esteem and looking at what we like and dislike about our self and our personality. We also looked at how we would want ourselves to come across to other people. John has started to focus more on what he has to offer rather than dwelling on what he thinks he doesn’t have.

What difference do they think the project has made to their life?

Since R U Tough Enough has ended John has become more confident and has used these skills during the sessions he takes part in as a young leader. He has started using his voice more and not being afraid to speak up and have his say. I would have liked more time during this program to help John with challenges he faces in school and with peers outside of session. He does not like change or challenge and it would have been good to do some more work on these factors. John was very sad that the ‘R U Tough Enough’ project ended but we do continue to support him.


(Notes: Case Study provided by a local youth worker, and the name of the young person involved has been changed to avoid identification)