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Following our open call for ideas for a New Initiative, to use and take forward Young Lancashire’s Legacy Funds from 1st July 2018, we received a total of 21 ideas. Some of the ideas are embryonic, some brief in words but aspirant in vision, others more like fully fledged bids for funding with budgets, milestones and specified outcomes! It’s heart-warming to know that there are people out there who really care about young people’s lives and who have ideas which will (hopefully) catch fire in the minds of those involved and for one of these to gain momentum, capacity and spirit to go forward and become the New Young Lancashire Initiative.

The process in deciding which of these ideas is the one to go forward from 1 July 2018 is in hand and briefly put is as follows. The Board will decide at an Away-Day on 27 January, which of the ideas submitted will be invited (based on the six principles as set out at the AGM – see below) to complete and submit a First Stage Proposal Form, by 15 February. A delegated panel of the Board will then meet in February to assess the proposals received and it’s expected that a number of these (the highest scoring ones) will be ‘road-tested’ asked to ‘pitch’ and be interviewed on camera. The findings from the road testing period will then be presented to a full Board meeting in March, at which a final decision on the initiative going forward will be taken and shared across the sector. 

So to be clear to all our members, the current Young Lancashire ‘model’ or ‘operation’ (i.e. staff, offices, infrastructure support services) will cease from 30 June 2018. Current members (2017-2018) will continue in membership (free of any further membership fees) up until that date (30 June 2018), as such there will be no need to renew membership from 1st April 2018.

The charity (Young Lancashire) will continue from 1 July 2018 with a board of trustees, possibly with amended articles of association, to act in a stewardship role, working alongside the appropriate ‘charity’ chosen to take on the new initiative, possibly for a few years (up to a minimum of three years) until all the ‘Legacy Funds’ have been transferred and spent on the new initiative. It may well be that the charity, is wound up, or continues in a new form aligned in some way to the new initiative, though it is far to early to say at this stage. At some point in this process it is likely that the Board will call an SGM (Special General Meeting) to make any resolutions as may be necessary; members will be kept informed as appropriate.

Should you have any questions or comments to make please address these in the first instance to me by email ( Thank you.

With all good wishes for a peaceful and creative New Year!


(PS Thank you to my mum and dad for pointing out there are only 30 days in June! perhaps it was wishful thinking on my part that our services will continue ad infinitum!)


The six principles, our new initiative will…
  1. Directly benefit the young people of Lancashire,
  2. Include front line delivery and have a wider impact, and, if possible, an enduring legacy,
  3. Reflect the ‘universal’ nature of youth work, and incorporate needs of vulnerable young people,
  4. Have an ‘Asset Based Youth Work’ approach; i.e. one which focuses on young people’s strengths and aptitudes rather than deficiencies,
  5. Involve young people in its development, so that they are integral to its design,
  6. Involve partnership working with one or more partners, not restricted to members of Young Lancashire.