The course, organised by the Prince's Trust, is 12 weeks long and begins on Monday the 25th of September. The course is an amazing confidence boost for young people who may have struggled with social interaction in the past.

A brief breakdown of the 12 weeks is detailed below:

Week 1- We enrol young people onto the course and provide a week of team building activities, students also take tests that indicate what level workbook is suitable to the young person (there's 7 workbooks in total to complete over the 12 weeks) and levels including entry level 3, level 1 and level 2.

Week 2- The team take part on a 4 day/3 night residential adventure focused on team building, communication and problem solving – this is completely free. This residential is booked at Rock and River Adventure Centre in Mawdesley.

Week 3/4 – The team must plan for community project and take part in fundraising activities to fund whatever project the team decided to get involved with.

Weeks 5/6- The team must undertake a community project, in the past these projects have varied from renovating a playground at a primary school, to building a footpath at a nature reserve.

Weeks 7/8 – The young people will take part on a work placement that is tailored to the interest of each individual student. If the young people complete this placement successfully they will be awarded a work placement reference and some students have been offered employment as an outcome from taking part on work placement.

Week 9- This is our career/next steps week, where we provide CV building workshops and mock interview practice – all run by corporate volunteers.

Weeks 10/11- Team challenge weeks – once again the team plan and organise activities for various groups within the local community. In the past we have worked with elderly groups, groups with learning disabilities, animal shelters and various charity groups.

Week 12- Final presentation week – this when our young people prepare a speech and presentation about their time over the 12 week course and give their speech in front of an audience.

The course is also free for anyone aged 16-25 years old and doesn't affect anyone receiving benefits.

For details and to book a place please contact: Ben Duffy, Prince's Trust, Tel: 07500606740 Email: