Online Membership

Use this form to pay for your club or group's membership fee online.Read more

Evaluation and Impact - February

Knowing the difference you make to those who you support is important in many ways; from raising your profile to increasing your chances of securing funding. This workshop will explore ways in which impact can be measured and provide examples of evidence based tools. Read more

Prevent for Youth Organisations

Do you know how to PREVENT? Book your place on this popular interactive briefing event, designed to assist youth leaders to offer support and challenge to young people engulfed in worldly dilemmas susceptible to extremist views. We have arranged a leading facilitator from this field to guide you as leaders through this tricky and sensitive landscape. Read more

Fire Safety Training - March

Fire training is a vital part of fire safety legislation in the UK. Knowing what to do and what not to do, in case of a fire at work is very important. To book click the link above. Read more